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Thursday, October 25, 2007

More Facebook news!

Now all of those annoying crackberry addicts will have one more thing to do on their smart little devices! Research In Motion (RIM) today announced the launch of "Facebook(R) for BlackBerry (R) Smartphones", a new BlackBerry application that enables mobile access to Facebook using a BlackBerry smartphone. The press release says, among other things, "With the Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones application, Facebook users can wirelessly send and view messages, photos, pokes and Wall posts. The rich, native application goes beyond browser-based access, automatically pushing notifications to the user's BlackBerry smartphone as friends and colleagues send notes, Wall posts or pokes. The application allows users to take a photo, upload it to the site with captions and tags; quickly and easily invite friends; manage events; manage photo albums; and manage their status while on the go." I'm not sure putting Blackberry addicts and Facebook addicts together is such a good idea... there goes the productivity! and probably the RIM share prices. Also interesting is the fact that Microsoft has been rumored to be interested in RIM, coincidence???