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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Getting ready for Post-Tropical Storm Noel

A little late posting this morning as I have been busy putting things in the shed, tying down anything that could blow away and stocking up on supplies as Post-Tropical Storm Noel bares down on Atlantic Canada. I'm not sure why I'm taking this one more seriously than past storms, I don't recall being this concerned when Juan approached back in 2003. Perhaps I'm just a little older or maybe it was the EMO presentation I attended a couple of months ago. Never the less, I have been doing all the things you are told to do and as a consequence I was able to find an excuse to buy a new gadget. It's the Noma Rechargeable Flashlight with Cell Phone Charger! The light is small, fits easily in your palm, sports 5 LEDs, has 2 brightness settings, a crank for charging, connects to Samsung, Motorola & Nokia cell phones, a USB adapter, alarm and compass! $19.95 at Canadian Tire ;-)

PS - Hope to be able to stay online for more posts through the weekend but if I go silent you'll know why. You can follow the storm and storm warning at the Canadian Hurricane Centre's web site.