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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Google Health Goes Live

After a year and a half in development and a 2 month trial at the Cleveland Clinic, which quickly attained it's limit of 1600 patients, Google is taking the wraps off Google Health. Available at the service offers patients the ability to control personal health records on the Web. The patient has the ability to login to their record and make updates that they can send to their care giver of choice (doctor, clinic, pharmacy, etc.) or keep completely private if they so choose.

If you have a gmail account simply navigate to Google Health and login using your gmail address and password. You will be presented with a couple of agreements, that upon acceptance, will grant you access to your Google Health account. The site then allows you to import medical records, complete a comprehensive patient profile including known conditions, medications, allergies, procedures, test results, and immunizations. According to the Cleveland Clinic the trial was oversubscribed and C. Martin Harris, the Cleveland Clinic’s chief information officer said “It positioned our personal health record more into an activity that they use every day,” Time will tell whether or not the public is truly going to embrace the idea of personal medical information in the hands of a corporation, but it looks like Google is on to something.

NY Times article here.