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Monday, May 26, 2008

Phoenix Touches Down

A Signal relayed via the Mars Odyssey orbiter has indicated to NASA that the Phoenix Mars Lander has touched down on the red planet's polar region. The landing of Phoenix was a huge relief for scientists as Mars has a reputation of devouring space craft, the successful landing means they are now batting .500 with 6 of 12 attempts a success. The initial signal only indicated a touchdown however and news of condition of the craft would have to wait for subsequent passes of the orbiter over the landing site.

The Phoenix is a robotic science lab on a 90-day mission to dig into the ice-rich soil and study the planet's frozen water for evidence of carbon-containing chemicals. It is also designed to monitor the planet's arctic-region weather from the surface.

Congratulations Phoenix team on surviving the "7 minutes of terror"! We look forward to the images you send back to us on the blue planet.

CBC story here.