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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Radio Head Abandons Pay What You Want

When Radiohead offered their most recent album "In Rainbows" to their fans via a pay what you want digital download they set the music industry on it's head. There has been much speculation about the success of the experiment and the move has spawned a number of experiments by other big name acts, Nine Inch Nails for one. While Radiohead declines to comment on the actual success it appears as though it was a one time thing for the band with lead man Thom Yorke telling Reuters "It was a one-off response to a particular situation," While Radiohead may be backing down, expect to see more variations of the move as according to this story on the CBC website "On Monday, British rockers Coldplay announced a single from their new album, Viva La Vida, or Death and All His Friends, was available for one week as a free download. The group's website crashed the next day because of huge demand."