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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Canadian Politicians Turn To Twitter During Election

As Canadians prepare to go to the polls on October 14th, Canadian politicians are using every means at their disposal to get their message out. These days that means they are turning more and more to the Internet in an attempt to be heard and appear relevant. Most recently, with the call of the election, I've discovered a number of Canadian politicians who have chosen to follow the likes of Barak Obama and try their hands at Twitter, or so it would seem. As of this morning @PMHarper has made 10 tweets and has attracted 454 followers, NDP leader @jacklayton has made 16 tweets and attracted 467 followers, while Liberal leader @stephanedion posted a single tweet a year ago and has racked up 53 followers. It doesn't appear as though many Canadian voters have migrated to twitter or perhaps they just don't want their social networks infiltrated by election talk? In any event it will be interesting to see who uses the medium effectively and whether or not the numbers reflect the popularity of the parties or their leaders. If this is the case we may be in for some interesting results!