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Saturday, January 3, 2009

UK Company Creates Injectable Bone To Speed Healing

RegenTec, a UK company, hopes to speed up the healing process for broken bones with the injection of a white powder designed to seal bones together in minutes. "You won't be able to just walk out of a hospital with a broken leg," said Robin Quirk, a professor at the University of Nottingham who, along with Kevin Shakesheff in the United States, originally developed the technology. "What we are trying to do in the short term is have something that fills the void left by a break that acts like normal spongy bone and encourages natural regeneration." At room temperature the material is in a power form but once injected into the body the materials fuse together in a hard, spongy mass much like living bone.

Jennifer Elisseef, a professor at Johns Hopkins University says "There is a lot of interest in bone filler materials from clinicians and from the military,"

Personally, I think the big market would be in professional sports!

Source: Discovery Channel