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Friday, February 6, 2009

Fake Parking Tickets - Real Viruses

Using a clever bit of social engineering, hackers in in Grand Forks, North Dakota have placed tickets on vehicles citing fake traffic violations and referring the "offender" to a website that claimed to have photos of the alleged violation, but which actually tricked users into downloading a virus.

"According to internet security watchdog The SANS Institute, the website then had photos of cars in various car parks around Grand Forks and instructed users to download a tool bar to find photos of their own vehicle.

But the tool bar was actually an executable file which installed a Trojan virus that then displayed a fake security alert when the PC was rebooted. The fake alert then prompted the user to install fake anti-virus software."

It still amazes me how easily we are duped into falling for these tricks... clever though!

Source: BBC

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Crispy said...

Low tech delivery of a high-tech prank, fascinating. Even though the level of technical knowledge has risen in society over the past 10 years, the gap between those in the know and those they prey on remains constant.