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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finalists Named In "Best Job In The World" Contest

Queensland Tourism Minister Desley Boyle received nearly 35,000 applications for what was described as the "best job in the world". Using a viral marketing campaign to get the word out and a contest that offered compensation of $150,000 and the use of an oceanfront home for six months, Queensland has narrowed the field to 50 applicants for the job that involves living in exclusive Hamilton Island for six months and blogging about your experiences their.

“The campaign has largely relied on public relations and social networking activity,” Boyle said after announcing the finalists. “It's captured the imagination of the world and to date it's generated more than $70-million in publicity value.

“Apart from brilliant television, radio and newspaper coverage, the campaign has been the catalyst for special online discussion groups, bulletin boards, blogs and websites, with applicants critiquing their competition, having detailed discussions and swapping ideas and tips,”

Applicants relied on Youtube to post their application videos and Facebook and Twitter to rally support making the experience a truly social campaign.

According to the Globe and Mail "Eleven finalists will be flown to Hamilton Island for interviews before a winner is selected this summer. Queensland tourism officials will select 10 finalists and public voting will determine the final candidate. Voting ends March 24. After the first days of voting, a finalist from Russia is in the lead, followed by Canadian Mitch Moffit, a contestant from Guelph, Ont."