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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Conficker Getting Tougher To Detect And Eradicate

According to the New York Times, groups that track and defend us from malicious software are saying that the Conficker Virus is being updated and "... the most recent version, which began to appear Tuesday, appeared to be targeted at improving a peer-to-peer communications system between computers that are infected and hardening the system by making infected machines more resistant to anti-virus software." Additionally, "the Conficker authors have switched strategies and are using the program’s peer-to-peer mechanism to update the system. Originally, they had appeared to plan to download instructions to Conficker by generating new Internet addresses that infected machines could download instructions from."

No one has figured out entirely what the plot / purpose of Conficker is but it is being watched closely as it has infected millions of Windows machines world wide. According to Wikipedia "BKIS, a Vietnamese security firm, has announced that they found clues that the virus may be originated from China"