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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Police Turn To Twitter For Help

Police often turn to the community for assistance and obviously have an interest in getting their message out by any means possible, to that end many police forces are now turning to Twitter. According to the Globe and Mail "Police are tweeting all over, from Canada to such U.S. cities as Boston, Baltimore, Richmond, Va., Boulder, Colo., Dalton, Ga., and Mount Pleasant, S.C. Fire departments do it in Napa, Calif., Charlotte, N.C., Trenton, Mo., Mesa, Ariz., and Oradell, N.J." Even the FBI is making use of Tweets "Since the fall, the FBI — FBIPressOffice on Twitter — has accumulated more than 2,000 followers, including people in at least 150 public safety agencies. Special Agent Jason Pack tweets about job fairs, computer worms, fugitives and missing children. During the presidential inauguration the FBI used the account to update information on checkpoints and subway stations that were closed in Washington."