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Friday, May 22, 2009

Eagle Cam Watchers Witness Death Of Eaglet

Nature can be a wonder to observe and a wildlife foundation in British Columbia has attempted to educate and promote the conservation of wild habitats through the installation of a webcam focused on an eagle's nest high atop of a tree. Visitors to the site that hosts the webcam have watched as a female eagle produced 2 eggs which hatched into eaglets. Unfortunately on Monday thousands of viewers watched helplessly as one of the eaglets got caught in it's mothers feathers resulting in it's fatal fall to the ground.

Karen Bills of the Hancock Wildlife Foundation told the CBC that "Something black, we could see, got entwined around the eaglet's left wing [and] upper back," and that "At one point, she even flew up … and then flew back down into the nest with the baby still attached. Meanwhile, everybody is watching and crying and all upset, and then she tried shaking it loose again. … Finally, she got up and flew off and that is when we saw the little body drop."

Source: CBC
Hancock Wildlife Foundation