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Friday, June 26, 2009

Google Voice - Out Of The Box

Two years ago Google purchased GrandCentral a voice mail system on steroids, and two months ago they announced Google Voice the Googlized evolution of that product. With Google Voice you receive a phone number that your contacts call, you have the ability to predetermine which of your phone numbers they are routed to: Your home, your office, your cellphone, etc. You can forward a single call to all of your phones, any combination of phones or straight to voice mail, its up to you. The service, for now, is free but you must request an invite.

According to Bits Blog a note to investors from Ben Schachter, an analyst with Broadpoint AmTechsays said "...we expect the introduction of Google Voice will help accelerate Google’s mobile penetration by creating a larger mobile ecosystem against which Google can sell/target/monetize advertisements. Additionally, we expect Google Voice to be integrated with Android and, if successful, may help increase penetration of Android-powered smartphones."

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