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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tour de France Messages Delivered By Robot

Chalkbot, a robot developed for Nike is helping to send encouraging messages to riders participating in the Tour de France. You can have your message, if it is chosen, written on the roadways of the course in chalk via Twitter or text messages. A truck pulls the robot with it's 48 spray nozzles along the course at low speed, and a person with a laptop sends it commands to tell it which messages to spray onto the road. The project is tied to Lance Armstrong's Livestrong campaign and as the result many of the messages sent thus far are encouraging words for cancer patients or from survivors.

To send a message to the Chalkbot, post a message to @chalkbot on Twitter, followed by the tag #LIVESTRONG, or text LIVESTRONG, followed by a message, to 36453.

Source: CNN