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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Hand-Me-Up... Kids Keeping Their Parents In Technology

The Globe and Mail has an interesting article on what they are dubbing hand-me-up technology. A trend, that I can attest to, where kids are getting the very latest in technology and handing-up the old devices to mom or dad. In my case the iPod Nano that I use is a hand-me-up device from my son who now sports an iPod Touch, ironically I bought him both devices as presents. My "new" Nano replaces my old Shuffle which was also a hand-me-up.

Family therapist Joe Rich says this of the trend “It gives a sense of place and confidence. As kids grow up, they want to be seen as adults in the family,”

According to the article "In a recent Angus Reid survey commissioned by Intel, almost half of the 502 postsecondary students surveyed said when they purchased a piece of technology, they passed their old one on to mom or dad. These “hand-me-up” MP3 players, cellphones and computers are the sorts of devices parents might not buy for themselves, but are happy to get second-hand from their kids."