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Friday, October 2, 2009

Serving Up Some Justice On Fake Twitterers... Tweeters!

A British judge has agreed to allow a blogger, who's identity was spoofed on Twitter, to serve legal notice via Twitter itself in the form of tweets. Blogger Donal Blaney (Blaney's Blarney), who happens to own a law firm, has apparently been victimized by a phony who has assumed his persona on Twitter by posting a photo of Blaney in the profile of blaneysblarney account and tweeting as if to be Blaney himself, without any notification to the contrary. Twitter does allow for parody type accounts but has policy against impersonating high-profile celebrities in a nonparody way, the question I guess might be whether or not Blaney falls into the category of high-profile celebrity (from a Twitter perspective)?

It will be interesting to see if the cease and desist order delivered 140 characters at a time will be effective... of course blaneysblarney could always just block Blaney's lawers Twitter account and then would never be served. Huh!

Source: Arstechnica