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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Google and China Continue To Air Laundry Publicly While Talks Begin

Google has said that it is stopping the release of two android powered smartphones in China as the result of the recent tensions between the company and the Chinese government. Insiders have told the Globe and Mail that the move comes as Google and China are beginning behind door talks in an attempt to smooth things over. The Globe and Mail is reporting that executives “will be having a series of conversations with Chinese authorities in the coming days and weeks. Without knowing the end result of those discussions, [Google] felt it best to postpone these launches,”

Analysts are predicting that Google's real business interest in China is in the Smartphone market and not in Search, the market place for smartphones is only opening up there now and is expected to be much more lucrative in the long haul.

Check out the article and video from the Globe and Mail here.