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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blazing The Trails - Olympic Sites Brought To You Via Street View

I was excited enough today to find that Charlottetown, my home city, had been released on Street View. I knew it was coming as I had viewed their vehicle on several occasions this summer. Then a friend and blog reader sent me a link about Google using snowmobiles and Street View cameras to capture the ski hills and other mountain vistas being used for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics! What a perfect story in keeping with the sports theme that has taken over the blog this week. It was one of those "of course" moments that I had when I saw the video below, why not strap the camera gear to a snowmobile or quad bike and take off down country trails or off into the back country? I'm sure many of you, as do I, would love to stroll down a country trail or scout out a ski hill prior to that March Break trip! Way to go Google! Thanks for the post idea Chris!