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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Facebook Considers Panic Button

The BBC is reporting that Facebook exec's are in discussion with Britain's Home Secretary Alan Johnson regarding the Facebook luring and murder of a British teen by a known paedophile. "I emphasised that including the Ceop abuse reporting button on their site has the potential to transform child protection - and that the company should put this above all other considerations," said Johnson.

Facebook exec's say they are considering the option of a Panic Button but also defend their current measures saying:

"This innovative system has been developed by analysing millions of reports submitted over the years and testing ways to continually improve our system. 

"The system effectively handles all manner of potential abuse we see on the site, ranging from the common minor breaking of the rules, such as embarrassing pictures, to the extremely rare serious matters that are quickly escalated to law enforcement."

I like the idea as long as it is used as intended. Education is also a powerful tool.