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Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 31 - Quit Facebook Day

There are a handful of high profile IT celebrities who are vowing to, or who have already, quit Facebook in protest of the perceived lack of interest (I'll give them some measure of reasonable doubt) by the company in keeping it's users personal information secure.  In addition there was recently a report of a leaked Mark Zuckerberg text conversation from the early days of Facebook that made light of the type of data that users where supplying the site, this has raised many eyebrows. 

In further protest a group of users have declared May 31st as "Quit Facebook Day", however I think the majority of Facebook's 400 million users seem to be either oblivious of the fact that their data is not necessarily safe in Facebook's hands or they are just not concerned. Regardless, I am doubtful that this movement will gather enough traction to put the site in real jeopardy, though it has prompted the company to respond with changes to the site allowing users some measure of opting out. Word is that it's only because of an internal uprising by Facebook employees that these changes where implemented. Personally I typically don't feed that much information to the site, other than feeds from this blog, my twitter account, or recently an experiment with foursquare...  I have to say that I am a little torn between what I think is the right course of action for me and the real advantages of belonging to the site, it has it's merits. 

Any of you plan on quitting?