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Monday, July 19, 2010

Double Rainbow...

Isn't it funny how one video will go viral while another just sits waiting to be discovered? The double rainbow phenomena is sweeping the internet thanks to Paul Vasquez, aka "Hungry Bear," who spent an hour marveling at the beauty of a "double rainbow" that he spotted and video taped the experience. All it took was for one simple tweet, from late night host Jimmy Kimmel on July 4th and a new internet meme was born. Hungry Bear found himself the subject of interest by media and a lot of people with a bunch of time on their hands. Vasquez's double rainbow video attracted ~5 million views and a spun off a number of parodies such as the double rainbow song:

My double rainbow is yet to be discovered though, I guess 23 seconds of video sans the oohs and the "what does it mean?" does not a meme make. ;)

Source: CNN