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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane - Tron Style

At the risk of dating myself I remember fondly the 80's and a big part of those memories is time spent in arcades and movie theatres.  When the two joined forces in a movie with "stunning" graphics it was a match made in geek heaven. 

During a couple of recent trips to the movies I've been sent back down memory lane, salivating a little,over the upcoming release (12.17.2010) of Tron Legacy in 3D. My recent thoughts where of my boys who have not (yet) had the pleasure of seeing the original movie, and yes I know it was not an Academy Award winning flic by any stretch of the imagination but in the world in which I lived in 1982 this was a pretty big deal. In order to do a little comparison I entered a few queries into YouTube and for your viewing pleasure, here is the original Tron movie trailer circa 1982 and one of the trailers for the upcoming, updated, 3D sequel...

I'm glad that they've waited nearly 30 years to make this film!

Update: I'm a little disappointed by one small detail. Watch the original trailer and pause it at the 1:56 mark, then watch the new one and stop it at 1:13 mark. :(