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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twitter Unveils A New Look

By mid day yesterday it was clear that something was up at Twitter, tweets and blog posts pointed to the excitement amongst employees but nobody on the inside was spilling the beans. Turns out the buzz was all about a new look and user experience that Twitter will roll out gradually over the coming weeks. (I still have the old version of the site as of this posting)

“We’ve made it pretty clear that we are going to create the best experiences we can with all our clients,” says co-founder and CEO Ev Williams “We made it clear to developers that it’s great for everyone if we make it as good as possible, because that will create more successful Twitter users.”

While I've not yet had a glimpse of the new site, I'm hopeful by it's description that Twitter is offering a more flipboard like experience where you get a sense of what's behind those tiny urls before you click through. The NY Times describes it as follows: "The redesigned site, which will be available to all users in the next few weeks, makes it simpler to see information about the authors of Twitter posts, conversations among Twitter users, and the photos and videos that posts link to." so it sounds promising.