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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Arrington Fires Back At Calacanis

In a post this morning titled "At My Wit's End: Jason Calacanis Threatens To Sue Us" Michael Arrington, who recently sound his blog TechCrunch to AOL, fires his salvo across the Calacanis bow after being served legal documents from Calicanis' legal representation. In a he said / she said style post Arrington lays down his account of the rocky relationship with Calicanis and the gloves have appeared to come off. 
Calacanis has spent most of the last year saying some of the most ridiculous things about me and about TechCrunch, and I’ve stayed completely silent. Mostly because I knew he just wanted attention, but also because I assumed he’d eventually calm down and move on to doing more productive things. Also, somehow, I still consider him a friend. Now, though, the whole story has to get out. 
In the legal document presented in Arrington's post Calacanis is seeking:
1. For compensatory damages in a sum according to proof at trial, together with interest thereon at the legal nite;
2. For exemplary and punative damages where permitted by law;
3. For attornerys fees and costs of suit.
4. For such other relief as may be deemed proper and necessary by the Court.
I've been listening to Arrington and Calacanis for a while on podcast such as TWIT, and they both seem like characters who speak their minds, I can imagine their friendship/partnership must have been similar to a mixture of gas and naphtha... very volatile and extremely flamible. 

Check out the Arrington post, and wait for it... Calacanis is sure to have his rebuttal.