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Monday, December 27, 2010

Old School Media Takes Note Of Podcast King Leo Laporte

“It’s not as if I had a plan for all this,” Leo Laporte tells the New York Times. “It just kind of happened. It was almost as if we had this audience that was waiting for the medium to come along.” 

Leo's TWIT podcasting empire has been successful in luring away well known tech broadcasters from giants like c|net and racks up combined downloads in the millions per month. The network is said to be bringing in an estimated $4 to $5 million this year in revenues and charges about 3 times the ad rates of traditional broadcasting. This is likely due to the fact that hitting the mark with podcasting is like a riffle shot vs. traditional broadcastings shotgun approach.

If you are new to the concept of podcasting read the NYTimes article. I also suggest that you check out the Podcast section of iTunes, there are some 150,000 regular shows on all topics imaginable from amateur broadcasters and mainstream networks alike.  

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