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Sunday, January 2, 2011

iPhone Let You Down In 2011?

It seems as though the iPhone has had another clock related issue resulting in non-recurring alarms not functioning after the stroke of midnight on January 1st 2011. Many Apple related message boards and twitter posts are showing frustration amongst iPhone owners. The following is a post from a thread on Apple's own support forum:

I'm really quite annoyed Right now with apple, my iPhone alarm didn't go off meaning I was late for everthing, what the heck is the matter with it?
I understand there is some sort of glitch due to the new year 2011? Does anyone know how to fix this as I need my phone to wake me up,
Thanks in advanced, 

It doesn't appear as though Apple officials have posted a response to this however one user suggests:

It will be fine tomorrow, or set a recurring alarm instead.
Don't you have a regular alarm clock?  
My Android device is working just fine thanks :)