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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Business Startup from zero to launch in one long weeked

Startup Weekend is an interesting concept! The idea is to bring a number of people together, throw your ideas on the table, decide on one idea to pursue and then build it in 3 days! Once built the participants will receive equal equity in the startup. As I write this there is only a little more than 12 hours to launch. The idea chosen from 50 entries is Vosnap, a social site that facilitates quick decision making among a group, wonder where that came from? This is brainstorming to the extreme and it will be interesting to see if the 70 participants can pull it all together, and what the end product will look like. I know from experience that working on projects under extreme time lines is difficult, but there is also a strange rush to it. If you get the right combination of people together great things can happen in a short period of time, but it only takes a few odd balls to spoil the productivity. Matching strengths and controlling the rebels will be key to the success of this experiment, in my humble opinion. Good luck weekenders! Wish I could be there to experience this. By the way, there are some interesting ideas in the ones that were rejected...