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Friday, October 19, 2007

New Flickr interface with Geotagging!

First Google Earth and now Flickr, seems like geotagging is the "in" thing in user interface on the web. Om Malik seems impressed by the Flickr move, which provides users with a map like view and pinpoints where photo's were snapped relative to the map. I agree it's a great tool for browsing, though I don't think it will ever replace searching. Again another new way to waste time on the Web.

As a side, I've been planning a family trip to Disney and have been contemplating the purchase of a new camera. The decision process has been complicated by the fact that I can't decide on still or video... I realize that most stills take video and vice versa. One of the video cameras that I've been eying is the Sanyo Xacti and now Om has made the choice even more complicated. The video displayed in his post was created with the Xacti and is a bit grainy, the light is obviously dim and that would help explain it but it's got me questioning the quality. Then again if it's good enough for Om Malik... Anyone have any experience with the Xacti? I'd love to get your comments!