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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Google Offers $10 million For Ideas That Will Better The World

Google has announced a new program / contest called 'Project 10 to the 100th' which is a call for ideas that will help as many people as possible and in doing so, change the world. Submissions will be accepted until October 20th or this year and can fall into one of several categories:

Community: How can we help connect people, build communities and protect unique cultures?
Opportunity: How can we help people better provide for themselves and their families?
Energy: How can we help move the world toward safe, clean, inexpensive energy?
Environment: How can we help promote a cleaner and more sustainable global ecosystem?
Health: How can we help individuals lead longer, healthier lives?
Education: How can we help more people get more access to better education?
Shelter: How can we help ensure that everyone has a safe place to live?
Everything else: Sometimes the best ideas don't fit into any category at all.

The winners will be picked in part by votes from the public who will identify the top 20. An advisory panel consisting of Google employees aided by industry experts will then choose the winner(s). The $10 million will be divided among the entries chosen as winners, if 2 are chosen they will get $5 million, 4 chosen and they each receive $2.5 million, etc... the awards will be used to bring your ideas to life.

The criteria for judging submissions is:

Reach: How many people would this idea affect?
Depth: How deeply are people impacted? How urgent is the need?
Attainability: Can this idea be implemented within a year or two?
Efficiency: How simple and cost-effective is your idea?
Longevity: How long will the idea's impact last?

Put your thinking caps on and change the world!