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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome To The Holodeck

If the designers at NAU have their way the Star Trek holodeck could be a thing of our future. Actually it's more of a Cocoon than a deck but the idea is similar, it could even be compared to The Minority Report where the user reaches out and touches data.

"You've got display, sound and interaction all combined to create this fully immersed digital experience," explains Tino Schaedler, one of the designers at NAU.

"It is completely different from me sitting in front of a screen, looking at a little picture and typing something in -- almost like the experience is reduced to my brain and my fingers. In the Cocoon we have the whole body immersed inside."

NAU hopes to have a prototype by October of 2009 and expects that commercial versions will be available in 2014!

CNN story here.