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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shaq Tweets

Looking for a celebrity to follow on Twitter? Not a Britney fan? How about THE_REAL_SHAQ? It seems that 7'1" Pheonix Suns star Shaquille O'Neal is trying to set the record straight regarding a Twitter imposter and decided to set the record straight by joining the ranks. “Somebody out there was trying to use my language and trying to speak for me,” O’Neal told the NY Times, sounding more amused than offended. “Rather than have that happen, I thought I’d do it myself.” The fake Shaq, Ward Andrews, says “I really didn’t have any intent to pull people’s leg. It was just to entertain.” What's really interesting here is that the fake Shaq was able to accumulate about 500 followers while the real deal currently has over 11,000! The New York Times article probably has a bit to do with that but then again perhaps its the writing... "A goal without a plan is just a wish, control your wishes Shaquille o'neal"