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Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Screen Space = More Productivity

A study conducted by the University of Utah, on behalf of NEC (monitor manufacturer) , revealed that "people who used two 20-inch monitors were 44 percent more productive at certain text-editing operations than people using a single 18-inch monitor." I'd normally take these studies with a grain of salt, but as New York Times contributor FARHAD MANJOO found there seems to be some merit to the findings. In my experience I've enjoyed working at my PC more since purchasing a 22" LCD and my son has equally enjoyed inheritting my 19" CRT monitor and putting it to use in a dual monitor configuration. With the cost of LCD monitors continuing to drop and their relatively small foot print on your desktop, large monitors and / or multiple monitors on your desk should be something you seriously consider if you are concerned with getting the most out of your PC and yourself.