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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Only The Internet Could Make This Possible

When I read the Bits Blog posting entitled "Torso for Rent, Year Round" I was surprised that nobody had thought of this sooner than now and that the scheme would actually work this well in the first place. Twenty six year old Jason Sadler is selling a days worth of advertising on his T-shirt to interested buyers and the price is dependent on the day of the year, for example January 1 sold for $1 and December 31 for $365. If you've bought into the plan Mr. Sadler wears your branded T-shirt or message on your day, making appearances on high profile sites such as Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and live-streaming site Since launching in November Mr. Sadler has sold 239 days or about 65% of the calendar year and expects to sell out in March netting him a total $66,795.

As you can see in the video below the requests are varied...

Good on ya Jason!
I Wear Your Shirt