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Monday, July 6, 2009

Ramen Noodle Preparing Robot

A restaurant in Minami-Alps, Japan, has some unusual help in the kitchen... "Momozono Robot Ramen," has a robotic chef of sorts, built by the shop's owner at his own expense. According to the Mainichi Daily News "Customers can place their orders on a computer in the shop, customizing various aspects such as the levels of soy sauce, salt, and richness of the soup. Uchida says there are 40 million different flavor permutations." Owner Yoshihira Uchida studied electronic circuits and motors at several universities and worked on noodle-packing machines at a food manufacturer until his retirement last year. The need for a machine came from his customers at his side business, a noodle shop, they often suggested his noodle's were too strong or not strong enough and so he decided to give them the controls by allowing them to customize their orders through a computer interface. The robot interprets their orders to prepare the perfect soup mixture.