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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taking Time For Mother Nature

Yesterday I woke up and smelled the roses...

We've had what seems like weeks of rain and temperatures that I'd guess are below seasonal for May and through the first week of June. Saturday, albeit cool, was a beautifully sunny day on Prince Edward Island and rather than the usual weekend running around we decided to take a little break to appreciated what we have here. Armed only with my trusty Canon PowerShot S5IS, a few years old but I love it and have no intentions on replacing it any time soon, we hopped in the car and headed towards Cavendish and Mother Nature smiled on us. 

Being a native Northern New Brunswicker, where wildlife grows large and plentiful, I've always loved my chance encounters with animals of all types. Moose, deer, black bear, coyote, porcupine, fox, skunk, rabbit, I've more than one story I could tell you about each. Since moving to Prince Edward Island in '99 I've never really appreciated the local wildlife scene, there are no large wild animals here, and except for the occasional fox, which are rather plentiful, I've not experienced much of the local variety. Yesterday, I slowed down, open my eyes and was rewarded for it. The trip from my house to Cavendish can be done in under a half hour but I'm sure it must have taken 2 to 3 times that yesterday, I wasn't counting. I didn't take the direct route choosing instead to slow down and meander along the coast looking at the great landscapes, some beautiful homes, and was rewarded with a new appreciation for the local inhabitants. While the pictures can't truly express the feeling of seeing these beautiful creatures up close, I hope you'll find some joy in them as well.