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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TrackDropper For Android - Putting The Booty Back Into Piracy

Think of how exciting it must have been back in the swash buckling days of yore when pirates sought riches and buried their treasure in chests, with maps marked with X's. arrrgh!

Today pirates are much less scary, mostly geeks who choose to acquire their audio files in less than acceptable ways, at least according to the real pirates who run the music industry. If the thrill of a potential lawsuit is not enough for ye thrill seekers there is a new way of looting your music. Trackdropper is an Android app that lets users "drop" songs in physical locations. Then, other users of the application can go on a treasure hunt to find and play the dropped songs. The goal is to make music piracy much more like old-fashioned nautical piracy. Here's how it works, courtesy of one of it's coders Yves Raimond:

Source: cnet