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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quebec Man Ordered To Pay Facebook $873 - million For Spamming The Social Network

A Quebec court has upheld a 2008 California ruling ordering Adam Guerbuez to pay a fine of $100 per spam message sent and another $100 per message in damages to Facebook. Guerbuez's company Atlantis Blue Capital used Facebook to spam users with ads for erectile dysfunction cures a move that has put him and his company in the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest fine ever levied. 

“My client has already filed under the bankruptcy act, so [Facebook becomes] one of his creditors,” said Mr. Guerbuez’s lawyer, √Čric Potvin.
“Facebook becomes the biggest one of his creditors,” he added.
Guerbuez had hoped that moving the appeal to his home Province would provide him with some relief from the huge fine, but the court showed no sympathy and upheld the previous ruling. Of course, Facebook doesn't expect to ever receive the full amount of the decision but it certainly has created, at least to some, a deterrent for any such future actions.