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Friday, October 8, 2010

Scoble And Zuckerberg Discuss New Facebook Features

Robert Scoble, (also from Rackspace and  building43) and Mark Zuckerberg discuss Facebook's new Groups, Dowload Your Data, and Platform Apps Dashboard features released to the site over the past day or so. Here is the recorded discussion:

While Groups seems to be the one feature that is attracting the most attention, I'm impressed by Download Your Data and the Platform Apps Dashboard. Not to say that Groups is not a cool feature, but for a company who has had it's share of criticism regarding personal data giving the user the ability to make copies of their data and an easy way to see who is looking at what is a big step towards being open and accountable. If nothing else, it may make users more aware of what they are sharing and just what's out there for others to see.