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Monday, November 15, 2010

Facebook To Announce Gmail Rival?

Facebook is hosting a "special event" today in San Francisco, and much of the speculation is pointing to an e-mail service to compete with Google's Gmail. The two companies have been at odds lately with Google banning Facebook from importing G-mail users contact lists after Facebook refused to allow the export of it's user's friends and contacts.

According to TechCrunch Facebook's new project codenamed "Project Titan" is being called the "Gmail killer".

With so little regard for personal data Facebook will not be my choice of web based mail providers, Gmail is quite simply the best. That said, with half a billion users Facebook is bound to get the less technical amongst them to drink the kool-ade and jump on board. 

Source: BBC


Wilson Honeydew said...
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Dawn said...

I just deleted my facebook account -- for the second time -- mostly because of their free-for-all approach to information. I love the idea of facebook but I'm really uncomfortable with execution. Everything links to everything else and now it's creepily all over the internet like a metastasizing tumour. On top of that, the design sucks. When I left I had to copy and paste email addresses from facebook into gmail. Come on.

greatbiggeek said...

I think that Facebook has proven that it has an "ask for forgiveness" attitude to personal data. The whole corporate mindset is getting old in my mind but still 500 million users.

They won't convince me to abandon Gmail.