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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Debate raging in Britain over fight videos

The BBC News is reporting that the Association of Chief Police Officers in Britain is criticizing online video sharing sites for allowing content depicting young people engaged in violence. "We would question who is in a financially better position to police the likes of YouTube - those in the private sector, who are earning huge amounts of money, or police forces which are currently having to stretch budgets." said Deputy Chief Constable Brian Moore. YouTube said in it's defense said that it did not employ anyone to police what is posted, but relied on it's site visitors to decide what was questionable and report it. Further, they claimed pre-screening content is a form of censorship which is not the role of a private company. It's natural that nobody wants to openly take responsibility for this sort of thing and considering the shear number of video posted daily, is it reasonable to expect YouTube or any other video sharing site to filter content? This is the same argument that YouTube has had with the big TV networks over copyrighted materials, only in this case it's not money at stake but young lives. I agree that the police have their hands full, the real question is where are the parents of these kids?