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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Internet is down!

A while back my now 73 year old father moved in with us. Cancer took my mother in 1999, she was 59 (much too young to go), and in the fall of 2005 Dad's new partner also passed from a similar fate. He was lonely and we took him in. My father is an intelligent man, he was a mining engineer by profession, however he is not terribly tech savvy. Our wireless network has been known to be a bit flaky and rather than spend the time figuring out what was up I had trained my family the ugly, but effective, hard reboot method of network administration. On more than one occasion I've had my Dad track me down to tell me that "the Internet is down", I usually chuckle to myself and get things up and going again. I must say, my father is a little bit forgetful and hard of hearing, I have tried to explain the difference between our network and the Internet, but he hasn't quite caught on. With more and more wireless networks creeping into our neighborhood I have taken matters into hand and have licked the problem, moving from the default channel was all it took, and in hind site seems like a relatively trivial issue that if tackled earlier would have saved a lot of frustration.

Having said all this perhaps you'll see this video through my eyes and appreciate it that much more for it's comedic value. This is truly priceless, thanks ONION! oh, and thanks should also go to CommandN... this was one of their web picks.

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash