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Thursday, March 27, 2008

PEW Internet Report On Chinese Sensorship - Sensored?

This is an amusing little story, or perhaps it's only amusing in my head but I thought I'd share it. While looking for something to blog about in my rss feeds I noticed a new link from the PEW Internet & American Life Project, the title of which was "Most Chinese Say They Approve of Government Internet Control". Once I had navigated to the page there was the usual brief description which reads "Many Americans assume that China's internet users are unhappy about their government's control of the internet, but a new survey finds most Chinese say they approve of internet regulation, especially by the government." and a link is provided to the pdf version of the report. Clicking on the link produces a 404 Page Not Found error... coincidence? It's a stretch, I know but that's just how my mind works sometimes. rss links here. pdf file not found here.