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Monday, March 24, 2008

Pimp My Scion - Toyota's Do-It-Yourself Custom Logo's

Toyota and New York based StrawberryFrog advertising and marketing agency have come up with a unique way to promote the trendy Scion, the boxy economy car aimed at younger, stylish drivers. A website called Scion Speak has been developed that gives Scion owners, and everyone else, the tools to create their own customized crest or coat of arms that can then be downloaded and turned into a window decal or custom paint job, at your own expense of course. “These guys love to personalize their cars, and we give them a tool to do that,” said Kevin McKeon, the executive creative director of StrawberryFrog in New York. I've tried the site and it works beautifully, it's obviously not geared towards my generation (and it hurts to say that) but I can appreciate the art just the same. My crest is an alley cat over a two tone shield, with a circuit board for wings, and a power button! More at the New York Times.