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Friday, April 25, 2008

Hackers Warn Big Business That Attacks Are Imminent

A "Hackers Panel" which convened in London this week at the InfoSecurity Europe conference is warning big business that denial of service attacks, the likes of which shut down the websites of banks, governments and political parties in Estonia, are imminent. Big business is seen as definite targets "If someone wants to have a pop at the UK, they are unlikely to go for the government web servers. They will go for the lower hanging fruit - companies which are seen as good representatives of the country." said panelist Steve Armstrong from the SANS Institute for information security training. Some believe that these attacks can be thwarted if ISP's take a more active roll in policing their networks and identifying machines that are compromised and participating in bot-nets, while others say it is not the place of the ISP and that more money needs to be spent by businesses to defend against such attacks. Seems rather obvious that the white hat hackers and security firms would want to support the later... The BBC has more here.