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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Live Mesh - Microsoft's Web Vision

On the heels of other mega corporations who have already laid plans for cloud computing, Microsoft has finally unveiled it's vision called "Live Mesh". Live Mesh will "connect and bring devices together... to work in concert" says Microsoft's Amit Mital. "This new software-plus-services platform enables PCs and other devices to 'come alive' by making them aware of each other through the internet," said Mr Mital. Not only will users be able to synchronize their own devices but Live Mesh is also designed to facilitate the sharing of media online between different users according to this BBC article. I expect we'll hear from the RIAA and movie industry insiders shortly about that little feature. Live Mesh is said to be initially geared to Windows XP and Vista users but will eventually be made available to Apple owners as well. "Users will have 5GB of personal online storage and unlimited peer-to-peer data, for synchronising information between devices." Sounds promising!