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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Virgin Group and Google Combine Forces in Virgle - Hope To Colonize Mars

In what has become an April 1st tradition, Google's latest press release pokes a little fun at the rest of us. The release explains the company's plans to join forces with Sir Richard Branson Virgin Group President and Founder to start a new human colony on Mars named Virgle. “Virgle is the ultimate application of a principle we’ve always believed at Google: that you can do well by doing good,” said Google co-founder Larry Page. "We feel that ensuring the survival of the human race by helping it colonize a new planet is both a moral good in and of itself and also the most likely method of ensuring the survival of our best – okay, fine, only -- base of web search volume and advertising inventory,” Page added. “So, you know, it's, like, win-win." To be included in the original contingent of Virgle-ites the team will be selecting participants based on an "online questionnaire, video submission, personal accomplishments, expertise in scientific, artistic, sociological and/or political fields of endeavor, and inadequate Google and Virgin personal performance reviews."