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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Did you get your Pownce invite?

If you are an avid social networker then you are either enjoying your new favorite site, or you are chomping at the bit waiting for your own Pownce invite! I registered my e-mail address the moment I heard the new service was taking names, and Friday I was rewarded with an invite. Pownce has been the talk of the blogosphere and podosphere for some time now, and I'm finally in! The site is the latest from creator Kevin Rose and friends Leah Culver, and Daniel Burka (from Charlottetown, where I now reside). Pownce is reminiscent of Twitter except you can also trade links, files, and publish events either privately to friends or publicly. It's slick, very web 2.0, and like the g-mail launch it's a hot ticket, only those who receive invites can get in at the moment. The biggest problem I'm having with the site is that they've only given me 6 invites to give away and I'm having a hard time deciding who should get them. According to this NY Times article, they are showing up on eBay for $10 an invite...