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Friday, July 27, 2007

Giant Homer annoys neighbours

ABC News has a great story of pop culture meets tradition, and the trouble it can cause. It seems that it's okay to have a giant chalk outline of an aroused, club-wielding man carved into your countryside, as long as it's been there for a very long time... but a 180 ft Homer in his underwear has caused quite a stir! The giant Homer, obviously created to promote The Simpsons Movie, has appeared on a hill in the English countryside, right next to the famed Cerne Abbas Giant, a well-known British landmark. Locals didn't take kindly to Homer even though he's made of biodegradable paint, which will eventually wash away, some are even calling it disrespectful. ** Warning don't open the link if you are offended by giant erect cavemen etched in stone, or overweight donut wielding cartoon characters in their underwear **