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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sony reveals new social networking camera

Sony Canada has announced that it "is responding to the rise of user-generated content on the Internet with a new, pocket-sized Net-sharing CAM, designed for social networkers and video bloggers who frequently upload video and images to the web." Weighing in at about 5 oz. the NCS-GC1 is said to "seamlessly uploads short video clips to the web, and snaps print-quality, 5-megapixel digital still photos." Movie quality ranges from QVGA/15 frames per second to VGA/30 frames per second, and a 2GB media card will store about 5 hours of video, depending on the format chosen. The Net-sharing CAM comes with PMB software that Sony says is "the ultimate in ease of upload, the PMB Portable pre-loaded software has pre-programmed menu buttons for direct publishing to web sharing sites, such as Crackle™. The built-in software can also be programmed for the web sites of choice or even for a personal blog or “vlog.”" and the device allows for on board tagging of videos and still pictures. The camera will be available in September for an anticipated retail price of $299.00 CA. It certainly is a sleek looking little device!