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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Get by with a little help from complete strangers

New York based online charity, Modest Needs, is seeking charity status in Canada in order to make it easier to help Canadian applicants in their own currency, and to be able to issue tax receipts to Canadian donors. The concept is quite simple, applicants describe their short-term financial emergency (under $1000) and the group assesses their situations, if accepted Modest Needs pays creditors or suppliers, the applicant doesn't receive any money directly. I really like this model, it facilitates a communal approach to charitable donating, allowing a large number of small donors to make a big difference in someones live. Like micro loans, these small donations really highlight the power and reach of the Internet. I think most of us would love to help out in some way but often think we don't have the means to really make a difference. Globe and Mail story.